Our History

Ten years ago, God put a desire in my heart to organize bike rides for Rochester City Youth. This desire was birthed out a response to a message from our pastor asking us what was our part in reaching our city, in loving Our neighbors. There were many obstacles and road blocks and it took about two years before we were able to actually bring this desire to fruition. We put out to our church family our need for bike donations and helmet donations and in miraculous fashion we received an over abundance of bikes. We also received brand new donated helmets. We also provide a cook out lunch for the children and staff. We go to a park where we can grill and where they have picnic tables, so that as a group we can sit and share a lunch together. This time allows us to get to know the children and the recreation staff. After a year of faithful service the recreation centers decided to support the rides with transporting the children to the parks and each center funds one of the lunches, as well as now sends staff to the rides.

Every need, every obstacle was miraculously provided and overcome in a way that allowed myself and my small group to know that this was God’s work, His idea and He was going to make it happen. That He was going to bless it.

We have now for the last eight years been providing summer bikes to Ryan Centers Center in Rochester City. We have been providing rides to Carter Street Center of the last two years. We provided rides to Flint Street Center for two years also. We also do other events with the children who ride with us; a fall activity at a pumpkin farm with hay rides, and other activities.

We have a Christmas event that is either a dinner or at our church with games and various activities. This upcoming year, we will be adding on two additional events for the Winter and Spring. So amazing what God has done!